Irish Whitetail seeks crowdfunding

Irish Whitetail is launching a crowdfunding campaign. The company, founded by husband and wife team of Nickolas and Violetta Boyle is looking to raise over €75,000 to help the business meet the new demand and establish within the Cooley Peninsula.

Irish Whitetail made its first impact at Whiskey Live in Dublin with their 12 Point Rogue Buck, Irish Single Malt, that the company finished with African Mahogany using their proprietary Char Finishing technology.

As part of the campaign, the company is offering individuals the chance to be first in line for products through their voucher and Founders Club programmes. Individuals can also choose branded merchandise options or party packages to take part in growing this new and exciting whiskey brand.

The campaign, launching on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, will start on January 14th and run for 45 days.